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Marc Giai-Miniet  is a French artist who makes creepy and fascinating dioramas that tend to feature reproductions of human organs, crime scenes, submarines in basements and wait for it … libraries.

The miniature tableaus are terrific examples of art’s ability to transform seemingly predictable, mundane scenarios into absurd, freakish, and beautiful visual experiences.

Giai-Miniet’s libraries are detailed and striking, replete with book cover art, author names, and identifiable typography. Occasionally a diorama’s title will conjure a loose narrative, an obscure starting point from which the viewer might further consider the art via


(via ceramicsamurai)

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seriously considering ordering some manic panic in enchanted forest to try out something similar to this look

but I refuse to bleach my hair and I’m not sure how it’ll show up on my darker hair. I mean, the lower parts are a bit lighter than the tops since I used Sun-In to lighten my hair like a year ago, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. also I read that leaving the dye in overnight with a showercap over it helps but idkkkkkk

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